Bertera Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Bertera Chrysler Jeep Dodge - 539 Riverdale St, West Springfield, Massachusetts 01089
539 Riverdale St, West Springfield, Massachusetts 01089
(866) 906-1856
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Customer Reviews

Deal Gone Sour!!!!

Written by Guest
July 11th, 2008
I had to put a new engine in the car after buying it, and I only had it for 45 days! I brought it back to them three times and they kept telling me everything was fine! The last time they told me to bring it to Toyota, they would tell me the same thing…”everything was fine”. So I did. Toyota told me that I needed a new engine! I didn’t have the money at the time ($5000). But I do have good credit, so I actually got another car with another loan, while I saved up money to put a new engine it the bad car. In the mean time I got a lawyer involved, but after a year all I got was a $1000 from the dealer who F**KED me. So I got the engine replaced finally, having 2 car payments and insurance bills were killing me this whole time, so I had to do something fast. I traded in both cars towards one car. The bad car was a Toyota MR2 Spyder. The second car was a Hyundai Tiburon (which was great). I traded them both in for an Audi A6 (which is also great). This helped me out a lot, but I’m still paying more than I should because of all that negative equity! I thought I would be able to refinance or something after paying for this A6 for a few years, but I can’t! How is it that I can get approved for a loan for $30K, but now I can’t refinance it for $20K? I don’t know what to do! I had to trade both of the cars in for something that I thought would hold its value well, and I guess I was wrong. The actual price of the A6 was $20K (How much I owe on the loan finally after 2 years of paying) and now the value is 10K! So I’m STILL stuck with 10K negative equity!
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