April 29th, 2013 by Steve Cypher


Nissan bringing its electric Leaf to SimCity aficionados

Charging up

Here at LotPro we recognize that last week may have been a slow one in the auto world, but for those of you out there more interested in virtual reality than the real thing, the hits, as the saying goes, just keep on coming.

Consider this: it was just over a year ago that the sixth major release of SimCity was announced by Maxis. Last Friday Maxis let it be known that gamers will now be able to create their own EV-friendly cities with Nissan Leafs plying those user-generated thoroughfares.

Nissan, in collaboration with Electronic Arts, is integrating the Nissan LEAF into the most recent edition of the popular city-building strategy game, SimCity™. Players are able to create EV-friendly cities by driving Nissan LEAF all-electric vehicles and installing up to five Nissan-branded charging stations throughout their cities free of charge.

Electric smiles and happiness

But that’s not all. Those of you out there familiar with the game will recognize the importance of “social engineering” and will no doubt be familiar with SimCity “happiness”, while the introduction of EV’s into the environment has created something new – “EV smiles.”

According to the press release, here’s how this works:

With branded charging stations throughout the game, LEAF is the only electric vehicle currently in the game. As an incentive to develop charging infrastructure for EVs, buildings in a player’s city will experience a one-time wave of “happiness,” a key reward mechanism in the game. Once the charging stations are installed, LEAF vehicles will begin populating the city, and players will be able to see the “EV smiles” on their Sims’ faces as they drive around town — similar to what real-life LEAF drivers experience when they get behind the wheel. Players can visit Nissan’s online calculator to see how LEAF “happiness” translates in real life savings through the Nissan website.

“Even virtual cities recognize that electric vehicles are the future of a sustainable mobile society, and Nissan is excited to start helping SimCity players make their cities more environmentally friendly by adding its zero-emission Nissan LEAF to the game,” said Jon Brancheau, vice president, Marketing, Nissan North America, Inc. “Nissan remains committed to finding innovative ways to promote the development of EV infrastructure and to bringing practical, affordable electric vehicles to markets throughout the United States.”

SimCity is a trademark of Electronic Arts Inc.

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