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Save time and money. Search for pre owned Mercury vehicles from many local Mercury dealers and view the results side by side.

Mercury used cars for sale on LotPro come directly from pre owned dealers as well as the nations top used car feeds. Your likely to find more used Mercurys on LotPro than on any other car buying website.

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Mercury Certified Pre-Owned Listings

There is an increasing market for used Mercury cars that have been put through a certified preowned program. These vehicles give the consumer a chance to buy the latest models, often only two or three years old, at big savings compared to a new car. More than a third of all late model Mercury cars sold last year had a certified pre-owned warranty.

They are typically vehicles that have low mileage, are in excellent condition, and have been put through a rigorous battery of tests that are monitored by the manufacturer. Most certified Mercury pre-owned used cars are just off-lease, from factory auctions, trade-in's, or rental fleets. And you can find them all on our used Mercury Inventory Search Engine.

While payments on a new vehicle maybe lower, a new Mercury depreciates by 10 to 20 percent the moment you drive it off the Mercury dealers lot. If you buy a certified pre-owned used car, you avoid the initial depreciation; yet have an almost new car with an exceptional warranty. Beyond that, Mercury certified used vehicles provide additional warranties that you can buy, often up to 100,000 miles, that also includes free incentives such as roadside assistance and often exceed the coverage offered by Mercury when purchased new.

Simply put, when you buy a certified pre-owned Mercury every one is satisfied. You have built-in guarantees, Mercury sells stockpiled vehicles returned from fleets or leases, and Mercury dealerships increase their customer satisfaction.
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