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Sir Sanford and Son Sir Sanford and Son

Only Bentley Motors Limited could get away with something like this. Can you imagine Chevrolet trying to attract buyers in Beverly Hills, Palm Beach or Miami by dragging a truck full of spare parts around the country? We think not.

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Ford Transports Illegal Immigrant Ford Transports Illegal Immigrant

Every once in a while, something crosses our desk here at that has, at the most, a tenuous connection to the auto industry. Although today's story fits that description to a "T" (no pun intended, Ford), all the same we thought that many of you would find it entertaining.

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Hack My Ride Hack My Ride

It used to be that car thieves could only take physical things such as radios, wheels and tires and radios - or even the entire car. But with the advent of the digital age, an entirely new arena of "things that can be stolen" has cropped up for those hoping to illegally abscond with your valuables.

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