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The smaller vehicles automakers offer don't take a back seat here. The latest car news is digested, dissected and discussed so you can keep up to date with everything automobiles.

Northern Italy and the Fiat Ulysse

In addition to the Volkswagen Passat Wagon, another vehicle that we rented for traveling about the Cecina area was the Fiat Ulysse. Although not in the same league as the Passat, at least as far as handling, the Ulysse made up for some of the difference in its ability to haul around as many as 7 people.

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Soccer Moms, Rejoice!

Chrysler recently announced that it was entering the electric vehicle fray with three new vehicles designed to reduce emissions, green up the company and place the corporation alongside GM at the forefront of electric vehicle technology. But just as we were about to write about that subject, Chrysler posted a press release noting an anniversary of an event of great historical importance.

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The best cars you may never see

With the high price of gasoline just coming to America, it's interesting to reflect upon what European countries have been experiencing for the better part of two decades. The answer across the pond is exactly what U.S. customers are doing right now: a move to smaller and more fuel efficient cars.

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10 Cool Presidential Rides

Since this is an election year, the car guys at Hagerty Insurance, a company that specializes in collector vehicles, have put together a list of their favorite vehicles from eight past presidents and the two current candidates.

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