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2014 Toyota Corolla Driving Impressions

Especially with its best-selling vehicles, Toyota tends to be conservative even when they require makeover as complete as that of the 2014 Corolla. And while it's easy to criticize this decision, the fact is that the current Toyota faithful should be pleased with the changes while its edgier styling and improved dynamics - combined with Toyota's quality, durability and reliability - should attract more buyers to the model.

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2014 Hyundai Sonata Limited Driving Impressions

The 2011 Sonata signaled that Hyundai was ready to play with the big boys in the midsize segment while vindicating Hyundai's vision that buyers in the midsize segment were looking for more than boring reliable transportation - and that a large dose of style would gain them a slew of new customers. For 2014, Hyundai has managed to up the ante so that car buyers looking for a roomy and dependable midsize sedan that looks more expensive, both inside and out, than it really is should keep Hyundai's Sonata at or near the top of their shopping lists.

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2014 Lexus IS 250 AWD Driving Impressions

Despite the fact that the Lexus bills the IS 250 F Sport as a sporty model, it felt underpowered at times and there is a definite lack of feedback through the steering wheel. On the other hand, it's a knockout in the styling department, the interior definitely looks and feels luxurious and it's hard to beat both Toyota's legendary quality when it's matched with the Lexus ownership experience.

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2014 Toyota Tundra Driving Impressions

Toyota tends to be conservative when it comes time to re-design a well-established nameplate. And while it's easy to criticize taking the safe route, the fact is that the faithful will undoubtedly be pleased that Toyota decided not to mess with its solid underpinnings. Additionally, the new styling is just bold and edgy enough that it's clear the latest Tundra will attract even more new buyers to the Toyota fold.

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2014 Mazda Mazda3 Driving Impressions

There isn't much not to like about the Mazda3 and the latest version accomplishes the disparate missions required of the best of the compact class - fuel economy, handling and performance - in nothing short of spectacular fashion. Some might find its ride a bit on the firm side while it could use more room in the back seat and models with a lot of equipment can get pricey. The flip side is that it is fun to drive with great handling and the ugly smiley face of the previous generation is finally gone. The bottom line is this: with the new Mazda3, Mazda has upped the ante in the compact segment and buyers looking for style, performance and excellent fuel economy should put this car at the top of their shopping lists.

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