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If your daily driving includes a long commute or you are a fan of road trips, the fuel economy of your vehicle is probably important to you. Learn all about the latest news concerning fuel-efficient cars, including green vehicles, hybrids, electric vehicles and even diesels.

Chevy Touts 52 mpg Cruze Diesel Chevy Touts 52 mpg Cruze Diesel

It's official. The 2018 Chevy Cruze Diesel has broken the 50 mile per gallon barrier according to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates. But while that's certainly something to crow about, after taking a closer look it appears that a lot of buyers won't see that number on their window sticker, much less get close to it in real-world driving.

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Mazda is Fuel Economy Leader for Fourth Year in a Row Mazda is Fuel Economy Leader for Fourth Year in a Row

For model year 2015 (the latest year measured) Mazda vehicles had a fleet-wide adjusted fuel economy performance of 29.9 miles per gallon. That's up from last year's 29.4 miles per gallon, which was also up from a 28.1 mpg average in 2013. Mazda also has the third-lowest average CO2 emissions at 290 (down from 300 in 2014 and 302 in 2013) behind Fiat (240) and Mini (298) although, in all fairness, neither of those two brands offered a compact or midsize crossover in 2015.

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