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There's no end to the yearly changes automakers roll out on new cars. Study up on model year changes, pricing information and the latest and greatest features on factory-fresh vehicles.

2013 Honda Civic EX L Sedan Driving Impressions

I had a chance to evaluate a top-of-the-line 2012 Civic EX back in August of last year and, quite frankly, found it to be a major disappointment. Although fit and finish was generally impressive, the materials used in the interior were hard and plasticky, the dashboard looked clunky and the rear suspension had a penchant to move laterally when it encountered washboard road surfaces. Fortunately, as the saying goes: that was then and this is now.

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2013 Lexus RX 350 Driving Impressions

Back in 1998, Lexus was the first luxury brand to base a sport utility vehicle on a unibody platform - in this case the Toyota Camry - and succeeded in creating a whole new type of sport utility vehicle, the crossover. Today, the RX remains the brands only crossover model as well as the only one that is also built outside of Japan at Toyota's Cambridge, Ontario, Canada assembly facility.

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