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There's a reason a truck is the best-selling vehicle in American history. We can't get enough of them. Get the latest on pricing, payloads, towing and everything else pickups as we cover the current truck news and happenings.

Cars Bars and Fender Guitars

Volkswagen has traditionally partnered with Dynaudio for its premium in-car audio systems. The only problem was the high-end German manufacturer of home and professional loudspeakers and studio monitors is largely unknown here in the U.S. Veedubs solution was to find a partner on this side of the pond with a name more familiar to American car buyers. Boy did they ever.

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Lone Star Decade

Recognizing that fact a decade ago, what is now the Ram Truck brand became the first manufacturer to offer an exclusive edition just for Texans and, in 2002, offered the Ram Lone Star edition exclusively through Dodge new car dealers in Texas.

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