College football hall of famer and Michigan great Desmond Howard joins with Nissan for a Facebook challenge to innovate the Heisman pose

And now for something completely the same

Here at LotPro we’re still recovering from yesterday’s annual Thanksgiving food fest, so we thought it was time for something completely different, even though in this case it means a multitude of variations on the same theme – the Heisman pose.

Desmond’s Heisman pose

But just in case you happen to be one of those who: a) isn’t a fan of college football or b) only claims to be a college football fan otherwise you would already know about “the pose”, here is the story (I was there, I saw it and I have the ticket stub to prove it):

Back in November of 1991, Michigan was in the midst of playing its nemesis, Ohio State. The Buckeyes were forced to punt the football and waiting to catch it was number 21, the Wolverine’s Desmond Howard.

Hauling it in on Michigan’s 7 yard line, Howard ran through Ohio State’s coverage that included three defenders surrounding him and at least four more who took up the (somewhat futile) chase.

93 yards later after completing the longest punt return for a touchdown in Michigan history, he coasted into the end zone, striking a pose reminiscent of the figure on the Heisman Trophy.

As ABC broadcaster Keith Jackson announced “Hello, Heisman,” freelance photographer Brian Masck recorded the image that now has its own website.

The pose also capped off an incredible year in which Howard caught 61 passes for 950 yards while, amazingly, finding the end zone one out of three times he caught the ball.

Oh, and Desmond Howard won the Heisman later that year by the second-largest margin of votes in the award’s history at the time.

So now you know.

The Heisman Pose contest

"When I crossed the goal line that day in 1991 and struck the Heisman pose, I had no idea fans would still be emulating it 20 years later," said Desmond Howard. "To this day, people ask me to strike the pose for photos. After all these years, I'm happy Nissan is giving me the opportunity to turn the tables and see what innovative ideas fans will create."

So for all you Heisman wannabees out there, Nissan has teamed up with Desmond to launch a contest on the brand's U.S. Facebook page. To quote Nissan’s press release, “fans are asked to submit photos of themselves doing the Heisman pose in the funniest or most creative situation for a chance to attend college football's biggest game.

Got it?

Here’s the rest of the info: “Interested applicants can enter their photo on the Innovate The Heisman Pose tab of the Nissan Facebook page. The contest opens November 21, 2011 and submissions will be accepted through 9:00am EST on Wednesday, December 14.

One grand prize winner, as determined by Desmond Howard and a panel of Nissan executives, will receive an all-expenses paid trip for two to the Allstate BCS Championship game. Three runners up will receive a trip for two to the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl (2nd Place), Allstate Sugar Bowl (3rd Place), or Discover Orange Bowl (4th Place).