Kia introduces a quintet of Justice League inspired vehicles at the 2012 SEMA Show

Old news better than no news

The 2012 SEMA Show may have run its course over a week ago, but with a dearth of any real new news coming out of the auto industry we've decided to put some finishing touches on what went on in Sin City last week.

Justice League vehicles

As part of its marketing tie-in with DC entertainment, Kia Motors announced earlier this year that it would introduce a number of Justice League-inspired concept vehicles in the coming months.

The first fruit of this partnership resulted in a collaboration between Kia and RIDES magazine that resulted in the Batman-inspired Optima that was unveiled in New York City's Times Square back in October.

But that, as the saying goes, was just the beginning.

2012 SEMA Show

"Working together with DC Entertainment, West Coast Customs, RIDES and Super Street to create a fleet of superhero-inspired machines has been an incredible collaboration and the end result is five one-of-a-kind Justice League cars that bring each of these legendary comic book superheroes to life," said Michael Sprague, executive vice president, marketing & communications, KMA.  "We are proud to be raising awareness for the 'We Can Be Heroes' giving campaign and look forward to unveiling three more crime-fighting Kias at future auto shows and comic conventions as our 10-month partnership with DC Entertainment continues."

Flash Forte Koup

Built by West Coast Customs, this Kia Forte Koup comes with a red, orange and yellow airbrushed exterior paint that "matches the Scarlet Speedster's trademark costume."

A cutout in the hood incorporates The Flash logo while additional mods include 20-inch Asanti color-matched wheels shod with Continental Extreme Contact tires as well as a custom coilover suspension.

Aquaman Rio 5-door

The Aquaman Kia Rio 5-door, also built by West Coast Customs, received a special gold, green and orange exterior paint treatment along with a body kit featuring custom-fabricated fins.

Additional exterior elements included Oracle LED wheel rings and body lighting as well as 20-inch Continental rubber wrapped around color-matched Asanti wheels.

Green Lantern Soul

The Super Street magazine's wide-body Kia Soul comes with a green and black two-tone paint job replete with green mirror-chrome tint on the windows.

The Soul was lowered to improve its stance and widened wheel wells were added containing one-off 18 x 10.5-inch deep-dish wheels.  Although originally a four-door, the Soul's back doors were welded shut for a more streamlined appearance, while blacked-out headlights featured projector beams that glow green. Meanwhile, Green Lantern-logo fog lights were added to the widened front fascia along with green LED lighting. In back, the rear cargo compartment contains the Green Lantern power battery along with a clear panel etched with the signature lantern logo and displaying the superhero's oath lit by LEDs.

Cyborg Forte 5-door

Built by RIDES magazine and based on Cyborg (the "half human/half machine" superhero), this custom Kia Forte 5-door features coilover suspension and widened custom metal fenders.  It sits on 18-inch Rotiform TMB wheels with chrome lip and red anodized bolts and also features a vented hood air scoop as well as side ports with red LED lights.  Finishing off the Cyborg Forte is an Aztec silver paint job that matches the "polished steel of Cyborg's armor."