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2013 Cars that Cost Between 14 to 16 000

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One of the big problems that happens when we talk new cars under 15000 is that it isn't so much just about what's under that water mark, but all the new cars for sale around $15000. It's the mark of affordable compact cars and sporty hatchbacks, and this year there are several new 2013 cars that cost between $14,000 and $16000 to talk about, such as the redesigned Nissan Sentra and all new Dodge Dart.

Affordable New Cars Around $15k

So what sort of new 2013 sedans can you find at local area car lots for around $15 000? We have the top ten choices for you to browse listed below for the 2013 automotive model year:

  • 2013 Chevrolet Sonic2013 Chevrolet Sonic
  • 2013 Hyundai Accent2013 Hyundai Accent
  • 2013 Toyota Yaris2013 Toyota Yaris
  • 2013 Kia Forte2013 Kia Forte
  • 2013 Volkswagen Jetta2013 Volkswagen Jetta
  • 2013 Scion xD2013 Scion xD
  • 2013 Nissan Sentra2013 Nissan Sentra
  • 2013 Dodge Dart2013 Dodge Dart
  • 2013 Jeep Patriot2013 Jeep Patriot
  • 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer2013 Mitsubishi Lancer
  • $14,200
  • $14,545
  • $14,370
  • $15,400
  • $15,545
  • $15,745
  • $15,990
  • $15,995
  • $15,995
  • $15,995
  • 29 City / 40 Hwy
  • 30 City / 40 Hwy
  • 30 City / 38 Hwy
  • 27 City / 37 Hwy
  • 24 City / 34 Hwy
  • 27 City / 33 Hwy
  • 30 City / 39 Hwy
  • 27 City / 39 Hwy
  • 23 City / 30 Hwy
  • 26 City / 34 Hwy

The most affordable new car for sale here would be the Chevrolet Sonic, however the Hyundai Accent is also close enough for you to pick which style and options work in your favor. Both cars can get up to 40 MPG highway which although the highest in this price range isn't all that uncommon as several other cars for sale also have mileage in the upper thirties such as the Kia Forte, Nissan Sentra, Dodge Dart, and Toyota Yaris. The Volkswagen Jetta can get better then 40 MPG but only with the TDI diesel package, a significant cost and trim upgrade.

Many of the models out this year have been around the block for a while, especially the Lancer which is now somewhat dated compared to several of the newer models like the Sonic and Accent, or recent additions like the new Sentra and Dart. The compact segment is highly competitive so refreshes are common, if you are looking for a deal at one of your local car lots consider looking for a model that's on its way out and see what sort of incentives dealerships have to move that car off the lot.

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