Bowtie brand bestows special badges on all 2014 Silverados with the Custom Sport package sold in the Lone Star State

Living big and large

Texas is big, there's no getting around that. From Beaumont in the east to El Paso in the west it's close to an 840 mile drive across what is mainly open prairie. That's further than Salt Lake City to Los Angeles and only 50 miles short if one were to drive from Rome, Italy to Paris, France.

The Lone Star State is also big into oil drilling, oil refining, cattle ranching, farming and construction. Knowing all that, it doesn't take a rocket scientist (although there are plenty of those at the Johnson Space Center just south of Houston) to see why most pickup owners in Texas are serious about their trucks.

Texans, in fact, are so big on trucks that the state is now the largest market in the U.S. with one out of every six new pickups now sold inside its borders.

2014 Chevrolet Silverado Texas Edition

With that in mind the General's Chevrolet division has decided that a version of its 2014 Silverado with what it calls a Custom Sport package will be sold in Texas as the Silverado Texas Edition replete with unique Texas Edition badges.

According to the press release that included two rather lame CGI images of the vehicle (they may look similar but you'll notice that one has a light pole dropped in while the other doesn't):

"The Silverado Texas Edition recognizes the fact that one out of every six full-size pickups are sold in Texas," said Maria Rohrer, Silverado marketing director. "It combines features that add real value for Silverado customers with unique badging that honors the connection between Texans and their trucks."

Like the Custom Sport package, the Texas Edition can be had on either LT or LTZ-level Silverados. Differentiating the two, the LT version gets 20-inch polished alloy wheels, a trailering package, locking rear diff, body-color mirror caps and door handles and the requisite Texas Edition badges.

Along with those same badges, LTZ models get chromed 20-inch wheels, door handles and mirror caps as well as an uplevel Bose sound system.

Getting those stinkin' badges

There is no word yet on whether buyers will be required to produce a birth certificate proving they are native Texans, or whether out-of-state buyers will be allowed to cross state lines with the intention of purchasing one.