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From New York to Los Angeles to Detroit, and everything else in between, we cover the news coming out of auto shows around the world. Learn about the introductions, reveals, refreshes, concept vehicles, model year changes and more that automakers unveil at these showcases.

2018 Kia Rio North American Introduction

Longer, lower, wider. That was the 1950's mantra of the domestic automakers - one taken up by Kia in the new millennium. That's precisely what the Korean manufacturer has done to its entry-level model, the Rio. All-new for 2018 with a new suspension geometry, length is up by 0.6 inches in both the sedan and hatchback (172.6 and 160.0 inches, respectively). Wheelbase is also up, from 101.2 inches to 101.6 inches.

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2018 Ford Edge gets new Appearance Package

According to Ford, Edge sales figures point to the fact that many buyers in the Dallas Metroplex choose a cloth interior over technology because cloth seating materials tend to be more comfortable in the heat. In fact, Ford sells nearly 5 percent more Edge models with non-leather seats in Dallas than the national average. So maybe Texans aren't that tough after all.

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Dodge Creates a Devil of a Toolbox

Dodge has just announced an additional spiff for Demon owners: their very own customized crate of tools. Dodge calls it the Demon Crate and, according to the manufacturer, it contains a unique selection of Demon logo'd, professional quality track tools brought to you through Snap-on Business Solutions. So it's all really top-drawer (pun intended) stuff.

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