Honda will unveil an all-new Odyssey minivan in Detroit at the 2017 North American International Auto Show on January 9th.

2018 Honda Odyssey teaser image

2018 Honda Odyssey

This morning, Honda announced, via a press release, that it plans on unveiling the 5th-generation Odyssey minivan at the Detroit Auto Show on January 9th. According to Honda, the 2018 Odyssey will represent a complete re-design and, according to a bullet point in the press release, "feature new powertrains."

2018 Honda Odyssey sketch 1

That last bit, the plural of powertrain, is especially noteworthy as the current model is only available here in the U.S. with a 3.5-liter V6 mated to a conventional 6-speed automatic. This opens up the possibility that Honda will also offer the new Odyssey with a hybrid powertrain – a version that it currently sells only in its home market of Japan.

The press release points out that the 2018 Odyssey will also feature "advanced connectivity, entertainment and safety."

2018 Honda Odyssey sketch 2

A single official teaser sketch also accompanied the press release, but Honda took it one step further, as four additional "teaser scribbles" were included in the release. According to the automaker, "These 'scribbles' represent bold and youthful design, but the company admits adopting these futuristic illustrations "as is" from these doodling designers could present a variety of real world challenges, so more testing and validation will be required. "

2018 Honda Odyssey sketch 3

"We wanted to have a bit of fun by sharing some of the drawings from children of the Odyssey team members, since they were inspirational in shaping the family-friendly direction of the all-new Odyssey," said Chad Harrison, chief engineer at Honda R&D America and the development leader of the new Odyssey.

2018 Honda Odyssey sketch 4

Lot Pro will be at the 2017 North American International Auto Show, so stay tuned for further details.